What is Integration as a Service?

Integration as a Service (IaaS) is an enhanced delivery model that is poised to change integration delivery in the healthcare industry. IaaS, as defined by Meddius, is a combination of hardware, software, and professional services delivered on a subscription basis.

IaaS provides the benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) – managed administration and seamless upgrades – without limitations such as loss of control and the inability to service mission-critical applications. The Meddius IaaS solution is comprised of an on-site, enterprise-grade hardware platform with HIPAA-compliant security and options for highly available, clustered deployment models and includes a feature-rich middleware stack. Professional services complete the solution with rapid interface implementation, comprehensive monitoring and reporting, and real-time views of data flow across the network.

For organizations looking to improve clinical analytics or share data more effectively among healthcare facilities and across organizational boundaries, IaaS presents significant advantages to both providers and vendors.

Provider Benefits

For healthcare providers, IaaS is an easier, faster, and more cost-effective way of delivering integration. IaaS eliminates the high costs of project staffing, acquiring hardware and setting up the necessary infrastructure, thereby avoiding resource-intensive integration efforts that take months and often yield inconsistent results. Because it allows providers to purchase integration on a pay as you go basis and immediately access features and functionality, the IaaS model dramatically reduces both upfront costs and the length of time it takes to recognize value from the integration.

IaaS is also inherently flexible compared to traditional approaches. As technology constantly evolves, the accumulation of expensive, out-dated integration software creates resistance to new investments in integration technology. IaaS keeps it simple: providers select the integration technology they need and eliminate those they don’t.

Vendor Benefits

Healthcare software companies can also benefit from the IaaS model. In addition to fast, flexible, and cost effective integration, IaaS enables new revenue streams, increases competitive advantage, and improves customer relationships.

By offering IaaS, established vendors can capture revenue from smaller healthcare providers that may not have been able to afford both their product and the investment necessary to complete an integration effort. In turn, smaller software vendors and newer entrants can more effectively compete with the larger vendors by delivering integration as part of their overall solution while remaining focused on the clinical development of their product. Finally, IaaS ensures a rapid development cycle and improves vendor-customer relationships by compelling technology companies to release fixes and enhancements more quickly than in the perpetual software license model.